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Deniz Tek is best know for his work with Radio Birdman. In the thirty years since, Den has kept a busy schedule, playing and recording with a long list of collaborators, one-offs and his own band. Over the years Deniz has collected some great road stories which he will share with you here. His current activities will also be chronicled here. Read on...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Penny Ikinger, Penelope Release Shows

Deniz played three shows in Sydney with Penny Ikinger, who is celebrating the release of her second album, Penelope. The band also included Jim Dickson, long time Deniz Tek Group and Radio Birdman bassist. More about this soon.


  1. Hay there guys. Great to see you have a blog up and running. Just found it recently when looking for some info on some of my early Deniz Tek / Birdman 45s. Anyhoo just thought i'd say hi. Check out my blog sometime if you get a chance... thanks. Andy.

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  3. Looking forward to having you on The Timmy DownUnder Show on
    this Wednesday 9pm EST/6pm PST